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IBDP French B SL – Year 2

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French B SL is a language acquisition course designed for students with some previous experience of the target language. In the language B course, students further develop their ability to communicate in the target language through the study of language, themes and texts. In doing so, they also develop conceptual understandings of how language works, as appropriate to the level of the course.

Receptive skills: Students understand a range of written and spoken authentic personal, professional and mass media texts on topics of interest. They understand descriptions of events, feelings and wishes; they understand comparisons and recognize a straightforward, linear argument. They use context to deduce the meaning of sentences and unknown words and phrases.

Productive skills: Students write texts for a variety of purposes and make oral presentations on topics of interest. They write descriptive texts and personal correspondence; they make comparisons, narrate stories, provide detailed accounts, and express their thoughts and opinions on abstract or cultural topics.

Interactive skills: Students initiate and maintain the flow of conversations and discussions. They express and respond to opinions and feelings on a variety of topics. They use and understand clear speech on a variety of topics relating to course content and the culture(s) of the target language. Students use a variety of strategies to negotiate meaning and foster communication.

Get ready for all four components of the course:

  • Paper 1 Writing – 30 marks – 25%
  • Paper 2 Reading – 40 marks – 25%
  • Paper 2 Listening – 25 marks – 25%
  • IA – 30 marks – 25%

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