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The subject content is organised in five broad topic areas (A–E below). These provide contexts for the acquisition of vocabulary and the study of grammar and structures. The study of these topic areas enables students to gain an insight into countries and communities where French is spoken.

A Everyday activities
B Personal and social life
C The world around us
D The world of work
E The international world

The syllabus gives students opportunities to develop and apply a wide range of foreign language skills. Candidates will be expected to read and understand a variety of written and spoken texts on familiar topics. Candidates will be required to demonstrate understanding of the main ideas, opinions and attitudes, as well as select and extract relevant details and deduce the meaning of occasional unknown words from context. They will also have opportunities to write in French on familiar, everyday topics, and to speak the language by taking part in everyday conversations.

All students will be prepared for all the four components:

  • Paper 1: Listening 25% – 40 marks
  • Paper 2: Reading 25% – 45 marks
  • Paper 3: Speaking 25% – 40 marks
  • Paper 4: Writing 25% – 45 marks

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